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              Laizhou kaifa insulation remind procurement of high temperature calcium silicate

                Is now in the information age, purchasing high temperature calcium silicate board manufacturer through electronic channels to choose, choose more, also can appear all sorts of problems at the same time, have the customer will reflect, many manufacturers actual ability do not tally with the propaganda, calcium silicate board may purchase a cheap, but quality can't compliment, finally chose the laizhou hyflux heat insulation, and buy the high temperature calcium silicate board.

                  In order to be able to choose better quality and cheap high temperature calcium silicate plate, laizhou kaifa insulation to provide tips, how to avoid detour:

              Confirm the purpose of purchase.1000 degree high temperature resistant calcium silicate plate is mainly used for cement kiln insulation, metallurgical heating furnace energy saving, aluminum electrolyzer insulation, industrial furnace insulation, steam pipe insulation, etc., confirm whether it is applicable, to find suitable for their own needs of calcium silicate plate.

              Second, the quality.See whether the thickness of the product is even, whether there is a fracture of the edges and corners, whether the packaging is in place.The asbestos-free microporous calcium silicate plate produced by laizhou kaifa heat insulation is manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of product standards, with a certain proportion of high-temperature and high-pressure reaction by special technology, and is made of internationally advanced dynamic synthesis.Product thickness more uniform, texture more clear and beautiful.Use carton wood support winding multi - layer packaging.

              3. Guaranteed performance.The performance of the high temperature calcium silicate plate that the customer CARES about, not only see whether can reach the requirement such as construction, and want to see whether stable, whether be prolonged and difficult to use, whether easy to construct.Laizhou kaifa heat insulation production of 1000 degree microporous calcium silicate plate quality light, high strength, easy to process, thermal conductivity, waterproof index excellent, non-toxic no odor, has a stronger advantage than other plate.

              4. Customizable.Laizhou kaifa insulation production of 1000 degrees asbestos free microporous high temperature calcium silicate plate, can be customized according to customer needs, the maximum size can be up to 1200*1200.

              Laizhou kaifa insulation material in response to the call for national environmental protection, production of asbestos free high temperature calcium silicate plate, safe and reliable, trustworthy!More than 20 years of production process, for any customer needs escort, provide high-quality, safe, durable high temperature calcium silicate plate, so that customers rest assured, worry, peace of mind, can click www.uniboots.com or www.kaifagere.com directly call 0535-2283855 for consultation.

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