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              1050 degree High temperature calcium silicate board why can waterproof moisturep

                 As a new type of non-toxic and tasteless heat insulation material, calcium silicate products with 1050 degree high temperature resistance are widely used in cement kiln heat preservation, metallurgical heating furnace energy saving, aluminum electrolyzer heat preservation, industrial kiln heat preservation, steam pipe heat preservation and so on.But there are also many first-time users of calcium silicate board, or 1050 degrees for its excellent high temperature resistance, excellent waterproof performance some doubts, today, laizhou hyflux insulation as a production high temperature calcium silicate insulation products 30000 m3 have rich experience in production of thermal insulation products of the manufacturers of the answer to the user.

                 1050 degree high temperature resistant asbestos free calcium silicate plate insulation products main raw materials are lime and quartz sand, according to a certain proportion of the special process high temperature and high pressure reaction, the use of international advanced dynamic synthesis made of high temperature calcium silicate plate, with light weight, high strength characteristics.

                 Laizhou hyflux insulation materials co., LTD. Is a company mainly engaged in the high temperature resistant calcium silicate insulation products in the research, development, production and sales of professional high temperature calcium silicate manufacturer, form a complete set with high temperature resistant calcium silicate insulation paint, high temperature resistant calcium silicate special waterproofing agent, high temperature resistant special glue, calcium silicate products used in the production process in the original high temperature calcium silicate board, make it has a good waterproof performance, which can get more extensive application.


                In addition, waterproof high temperature resistant calcium silicate products can be cut, easy to process, with the ordinary saw blade can be cut, more practical.Laizhou kaifa high temperature calcium silicate products can be customized at any time, welcome to www.uniboots.com or www.kaifagere.com, or call 0535-2693888 for consultation.

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